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The digital world is ever-evolving, ever-expanding and increasingly integrated into our society with the passing of every year. And for brands and businesses looking to make it in this brave new digital world, knowing how to do digital marketing the right way is the key to success.

That said, most of today’s brands and businesses are crying out for top-class digital marketers that are not only competent, skilled and qualified but are also well versed on the latest industry trends, changes and emerging technologies to drive their organization forward.

To put the significance of digital marketing into perspective, here are some stats and insights you should know:
  • 76% of people think marketing has changed more in the past two years than it has over the previous half a century. A testament to the rapid rate at which digital marketing evolves.
  • 60% of people have started using voice search within the last year. This is an emerging channel that digital marketers can leverage to reach out and connect with prospects; those that gain the skills needed to use new digital marketing methodologies like this will gain an excellent chance of success in the field.
  • A surprising 49% of businesses are actively doing digital marketing but don’t have a defined strategy in place. If you learn the right skills, you could become a very desirable digital marketer indeed. 
  • Digital marketing is broken down into a number of fields, and for those with the right skills, each has a great deal of progression opportunities, professional rewards and earning potential.

A Career in Digital Marketing: The Essential Skills

To help get your budding career in digital marketing off to the best possible start, here are the essential things you will need to learn to land that all-important first job.
Before we continue, it’s worth noting that these skills, areas of expertise or disciplines form the foundations for a digital marketing job which means you will need to gain a fundamental knowledge of each area - from there, you can choose which sector of digital marketing you would like to specialize in:

1. Content Marketing

Today's consumers crave value and demand the kind of content that not only enlightens and assists them with their needs but also entertains and inspires them. There are a host of channels, platforms, tips and techniques associated with content marketing and by understanding them while being able to demonstrate a working knowledge of these vital concepts, you will form solid foundations for your digital marketing career.  

2. Search Engine Optimization/ SEO

Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day. By understanding the practices, tips, techniques, methods and skills that will help a company’s content, blog and landing pages rank on the first page of Google for relevant search terms, you will prove to be an invaluable asset. Understanding SEO is essential to land in your first digital marketing job, so taking the time to understand the basic is a must.

3. Landing Page Optimization (LPO)

Landing page optimization (LPO) is the process of enhancing elements on a website to increase conversions. A working understanding of LPO is a must for a successful career in digital marketing.

4. Copywriting

A digital marketer is responsible for creating a colossal amount of clear, concise, motivational, inspirational, persuasive and motivational promotional content, so solid copywriting skills are an absolutely essential part of your skills-based arsenal.

5. Advertising Experience

Gaining hands-on experience in Facebook Advertising and Google AdWords will help kick-start your career in digital marketing, so taking the time to learn the basics of these platforms and experimenting is crucial if you want to thrive as a digital marketer.

6. Blogging

53% of marketers state that blogging is their top content marketing priority. To become a well-rounded digital marketing with tangible career prospects, knowing how to create, develop, write, format, produce and plug blog post is essential.

7. Google Analytics

The ability to quantify, collect, understand, analyze and use the wealth of digital data at your fingertips to spot consumer trends, improve your marketing strategies and optimize your promotional assets for success is absolutely critical to be a digital marketing success. That said, gaining a firm grasp on the fundamentals of Google Analytics is something you need to prioritize from the very start of your career journey.

8. Industry Knowledge

Not only is this self-led form of education vital to become a digital marketer but it’s a driver of ongoing professional success. To keep up with the latest trends, changes and industry shifts, here are some publications you should read regularly: MOZ, Search Engine Land, Social Media Examiner, Neil Patel, and HubSpot.

9. Upskill Yourself and Get the Job you Are Looking For

These skills, competencies and disciplines will help you to form a well-rounded knowledge-base, giving you the confidence and skillset to get yourself a job in digital marketing. And why not starting by getting the right training? Our online digital marketing courses will help you to bridge the gap between your current professional situation and your dreams.

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