It is inevitable that trends and buying behavior of consumers are changing over time. The era of industrial revolution 4.0 and the explosion of technology that associated with the growth of the Internet has been an extremely significant contribution to the trend of seeking information online among customers, especially in the context of the economy is facing a potentially prolonged crisis, after the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is easier and more convenient for customers to actively search for information online on products, services, brands, and comparisons before making a decision. This is also one of the reasons why "Digital Marketing" becomes both challenging and an extremely interesting topic among organizations in the process of digital transformation to conquer customers.

Regard to Digital Marketing, perhaps we have to mention some of the tools that have become so familiar such as: "Social Media, SEO, Email, Google Ads, Content, etc ...", but the common question for many organizations in general and marketers in particular are probably: “How to grasp and master their fundamental knowledge to be able to build and execute a Digital Marketing strategy in the most methodical and optimal way?!”.

Understanding this challenge, PACE School of Marketing Management (A Member of PACE Institute of Management) organizes Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) - The Breakthrough for Marketing Career in the Digital Age” Live Webinar with the topicDigital Marketing Optimization” to share the experience of a comprehensive Digital Marketing solution for people who want to become a professional and world-class Digital Marketer.

In the framework of Live Webinar, this topic will be shared with guests who are Marketers and those who love Marketing with the hope that this will be a spiritual catalyst to prepare properly to face the current challenge of the economy. Also internationalize, standardize, improve the knowledge of Digital Marketing and execute digital transformation successfully.



The Breakthrough for Marketing Career in the Digital Age

Topic: Digital Marketing Optimization
Organizations PACE School of Marketing Management
(A Member of PACE Institute of Management)
Time  18:00 – 20:00, Wednesday, August 26th, 2020
Place Online (Participants can attend everywhere with internet access)
Part I:
            Optimize Digital Marketing tools effectively:
  1. The context of the digital transformation market;
  2. What solutions to optimize Digital Marketing?

Part II:
The Breakthrough for Marketing Career in the Digital Age: Attend the DMI PRO to get CDMP Certification (Certified Digital Marketing Professional) which is valued globally”.
  1. Improve the capacity of Digital Marketing according to international standards
  2. Guarantee for Digital Marketing competency with CDMP
Part III: Answer questions about DMI PRO program.
Mr. Tran Quoc Hung - Solutions Expert of PACE Institute of Management
He is also the first expert in Vietnam to be trained by DMI and certified as an   Official Lecturer of DMI PRO Program and CDMP Certificate of DMI.
  • The "Marketer" with the desire to become "Professional Digital Marketer" according to international standards and get an international guarantee of their profession;
  • Business leaders, IT leaders and Marketing leaders want to use digital marketing to "transform digitally" to their marketing activities.
  • People who want to change career to become a professional Digital Marketer;
  • Anyone who working in the Marketing field at domestic and foreign businesses;
  • Marketers responsible for planning and executing marketing strategies for businesses;
  • Young advertising / media professionals who want to pursue a career in Digital Marketing;
  • Anyone who works in marketing or business, has the desire to prove their capacity and stature according to international standards.
(All participants must be able to read and understand international documents in English)
Fee Totally free

This Live Webinar is suitable for those who have good English
reading skills and have devices with Zoom software installed. 






The DMI PRO program will enable you to learn everything you need to know in digital to kickstart or boost your digital career as a digital marketer, and help you to have the ability to gain the DMI PRO certification, an industry leading certification. Be one of the first Vietnamese Marketers to gain the DMI’S CDMP Certification & join the Global Digital Marketers community!

Under the guidance of Global Advisory Champions including

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