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Not only are short-term tactics bring immediate results, Digital Marketing should focus on overall strategies with the aim of bringing long-term sustainable results.
Digital Marketing and the trap called "blinking success"
A very common mistake of Digital Marketers is to let themselves get caught up in the whirlpool of short-term campaign tips or tricks to bring instant results, instead of investing time. effort for a long-term overall strategy based on the core principles of Digital Marketing and waiting for sustainable "sweet fruits". The tricks can change in a flash, and the "one-touch" mindset is always risky in the digital marketing world.
The reports of the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) - the world's leading organization in Digital Marketing training have repeatedly affirmed that an excellent Digital Marketer is not just a person with acumen with the ability to bring results. breakthrough results in the short term, but also an expert who deeply understands aspects of Digital Marketing right from the start to be able to build effective and sustainable Digital Marketing strategies for businesses.
In other words, the key to effective management and operation of Digital Marketing in the long term lies first of all in the principles and principles of practice based on that principle, rather than in the implementation tricks for quick success. Digital Marketers should not be satisfied with their results when they are not really sure where the results are coming from, and whether the results can be sustained in the future.
Solutions from the world's leading Digital Marketing training program
Only when thoroughly understanding these factors can marketers form coherent logical thinking to be able to develop feasible business goals (Photo: freepik)
The DMI PRO training program is the optimal solution that DMI has provided to more than 190,000 people worldwide, including multi-tasking marketers of global corporations with millions of dollars in budgets: Google, Meta, Hubspot, Coca Cola, IBM, etc. participated in the study and became the leading members of the Advisory Council for the course.
The main purpose of the DMI PRO program is to provide the Student with an in-depth background on all the most important and necessary principles, in order to understand its nature, role and impact. to the overall picture of the marketing industry.
Only when thoroughly understanding these factors can marketers form coherent logical thinking to be able to develop feasible business goals, orient and choose the correct research methods, and at the same time decide the most appropriate and effective way to connect with customers, thereby constituting a comprehensive and effective Digital Marketing strategy that is the most sustainable and sustainable for you and your business.
This is also one of the prerequisites for Digital Marketers to be considered for nomination to higher positions in the organization, typically the Digital Marketing Manager position.
The DMI PRO program consists of 10 Modules that provide Students with an in-depth background in all the most important and necessary principles to create a comprehensive & effective Digital Marketing strategy, including:
  1. Digital Marketing Platform: Support students to build the most fundamental and core knowledge of Digital Marketing, and at the same time help to form a coherent logical thinking to link the elements: goals, research Research and customer journey to create an outstandingly effective 360o Digital Marketing campaign.
  2. Content Marketing: Provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to understand and make the most of each piece in the process of creating a superior Content Marketing campaign, from recognizing opportunities from your audience. competitors, mastering creative principles to spreading, promoting, and measuring campaign effectiveness.
  3. Social Media Marketing: Help students create and optimize paid advertising campaigns as well as extract data and reports from campaign and customer analysis tools.
  4. SEO: Help students understand the operation of search engines; know how to link SEO goals to overall business goals; Know how to use keywords and do competitor research to build a content plan that is appealing to your audience. Students will also discover how to boost online conversions to help brands stand out in today's fiercely competitive online landscape, and ensure the best return on investment (ROI) possible.
  5. Google Ads/PPC: Provides Students with the principles of the paid search platform and its benefits, and the knowledge and skills needed to build, deploy, and manage campaigns. The most effective paid advertising campaign on Google Ads. Through this training, Trainees will also learn how to track conversions, measure and analyze reports on the performance of these campaigns using Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  6. Youtube & Display Advertising: Giving students the knowledge and skills to set up, manage, analyze and optimize a Youtube channel that is really worthwhile and capable of attracting a large number of followers. , become a trend leader. At the same time, Students will also learn how to unleash sales potential through the Google Display System (GDN). All are aimed at exploiting and making the most of the power of visual images.
  7. Email Marketing: Help Trainees know how to apply important tools and techniques in Email Marketing and best practices to optimize an Email Marketing campaign to maximize open and click rates ( Click-Through-Rates/CTR), and have a comprehensive understanding of all factors involved in an Email Marketing strategy, including data privacy laws & regulations.
  8. Website Optimization: Provide students with all the skills to create a well-designed and optimized website - where not only is beautiful, but also helps businesses convey values ​​and solutions to customers. customers accurately and clearly. In addition, students will also learn how to design a user-centric website and gain access to ways to create user experience with measurement tools and sharp analytical thinking.
  9. Google Analytics: Shows how to set up and analyze Google Analytics and how to install tracking code to better understand traffic and audience. Through this content, Students will also learn how to set campaign goals to analyze customer performance and conversions, and be able to use Google Analytics reports and features to track Monitor and analyze digital marketing campaigns. The lesson will also provide basic principles of liability, along with best practices regarding data collection, consent, and privacy.
  10. Digital Marketing Strategy and Plan: helps Learners identify the core components of a potential Digital Marketing strategy, explains how to develop a successful budget plan and how to measure Effectiveness Return on Investment (ROI) for Digital activities.

OPENING: September 24, 2022

Find out more about DMI PRO Program information & training here. Or contact us: PACE School of Marketing Management (under PACE Institute of Management) - DMI's exclusive partner in Vietnam.
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